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Commissioners’ agenda 2-27-2023


The board of county commissioners for LeFlore County will meet in a regular business meeting 9 a.m. Monday in the office of the board of county commissioners.


  1. Call to order.
  2. Minutes of previous meetings.
  3. Purchase orders/payroll.
  4. Bonds.
  5. Monthly fee reports.
  6. Transfer of appropriations.
  7. Blanket purchase orders.
  8. New business.
  9. Current bridge and road projects.
  10. Contract labor/service agreements.
  11. Burn ban.
  12. Conser Road projects.
  13. Consider and possibly approve pay estimate #38 in the amount of $117,,894 as submitted by JOB Construction regarding Conser Road Phase II.
  14. Discuss and possibly approve resolution allowing county treasurer to reinvest surplus of health department funds for March, 2023.
  15. Consider and possibly approve work and pricing order between Data Scout, LLC and LeFlore County assessor office with effective date of Jan. 1, 2023.
  16. Discussion and possible action regarding the signing of LeFlore County settlement documents for case 3:22-CV-07081-who county of LeFlore vs. Juul Labs, inc. et al which was filed in San Francisco Federal Court as part of the multi-district litigation (MDL) Juul products liability litigation. MDL 2913 to participate in the JUUL settlement. The settlement documentation consists of the settlement acknowledgment letter, a government entity release of all claims (release), and a disclosure of accounting.
  17. Open and possibly award bid regarding a truck purchase to benefit Howe Fire Department.

18, Adjourn.

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