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Heavener students recognized for February

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First row—Savannia Dunn, Alexa Hotella, Brody Minton, Brianna Camargo, Cage Muller. Alvaro Vasquez. Second row: Edwin Castillo, Jocelyn Gonzales, Annabelle Moore and Madison Bell. Third row: Kipp McGee and Mia Farias. Not pictured were Ada Byler, Constantine McLemore and Crystal Ruiz.

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Mateo Vasquez and David Reyes..

February students of the month.


Front row: Zoe Lira and Kayla Lira. Back row: and Briana Franks and Stacey Stacy.


Front row: Emma Norton,  Avalyn York and Scarlett Zamora. Back row: Angie Culwell, Kelli Pitchford and Lacy Herbert.

First grade

Front row: Mateo Pena, Preslee Newcomer and Tallara Reile. Back row: Danella Hardin, Barbara Wiles and Joni Roop.

Second grade

Front row: Martin Marroquin and Alexa Hotella. Back row: Kay Lynn Huddleston and Keylee Shipman.

Third grade

Front row: Reid Kirby, Isabella Benton and Adelyn Cartwright. Back row: Jill Sullivan, Sarah Bain and Melissa Baker.

Fourth grade

Front row: Annabelle Moore, Alvaro Vasquez and Isabella Shock. Back row: Jolie Kannaday, Dana Drury and Kim Hall.

Fifth grade

Front row: Nev Smith, Kimlee Perry and Johnny Hernandez. Back row: Shelly Brown and Tiffaney Kirby.

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