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Absentee ballot applications available

Absentee ballot applications available.

If you received absentee ballots by mail in 2022 and would like to continue receiving ballots by mail, you will need to complete a new absentee ballot application for 2023. You can request absentee ballots using the OK Voter Portal. Absentee ballot applications are also available for download on the State Election Board website or by contacting your County Election Board.

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Voters can request to receive absentee ballots for a single election or all elections in which they are eligible to vote for the calendar year. As a reminder, the Democratic Party has opened its primaries to Independent voters for 2022-2023. Independent voters who would like to receive Democratic Party primary ballots, should be sure to check the appropriate box on their absentee ballot application.

Effective Jan. 1, 2023, certain voters will be required to confirm their address before submitting a request for absentee ballots. More information is available on the State Election Board website.

Voters are reminded that the deadline to request absentee ballots is the third Monday (15 days) prior to each election.

The next election for most voters is Feb. 14. However, some voters will have an election on Jan. 10. The list of upcoming elections is available on the State Election Board website. Absentee ballot requests must be received no later than 5 p.m., December 26 for the January elections.

For more information, contact your County Election Board or the State Election Board at (405) 521-2391 or

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