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Howe Trustees approve repairs

HOWE – The Howe Board of Trustees met in a regular business meeting Howe at Howe’s City Hall.

Present were Chairman Phyllis Fields, Jon Earp, Nancy Cox and Darrin Williams.

The Trustees approved purchasing three loads of SB2 for city streets, up to $300 per load delivered.

They also discussed and approved spending up to $900 to repair the electric box at the maintenance building.

Council meeting dates for 2023 were approved, along with a schedule of holidays for employees.

Under the code enforcement report, one house was disapproved with several houses under legal judgements.

The trustees approved rolling over employee vacations, etc. over to 2023 and to remove Randall Weaver from reserve status.

During the police report for November, there were 26 calls for service, 28 verbal warnings were issued, 25 citations issued, 14 district cases open and 10 agency assists.

Howard Sims contributed to the report.

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