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Heavener School Board agenda 11-14-2022

The Heavener School Board will meet in a regular business meeting 6 p.m. Monday in the Glenn Scott Educational Center at 500 West 2nd Street Room 103.

Here is the agenda:

  1. Opening flag salute.
  2. Invocation.
  3. Call meeting to order and record members present.
  4. Principal reports: Keli Cartwright, Jeremy Dyer, Grant Ralls.
  5. Superintendent report: Ed Wilson.
  6. Consent agenda.
  7. Approve or disapprove board of education meeting dates for 2023.
  8. Approve or disapprove annual election resolution calling for an election to be submitted to the voters of the district for board member position #3 for a 5-year term.
  9. Approve or disapprove resignations as received by the Superintendent.
  10. New business.
  11. Approve or disapprove motion to adjourn meeting.

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