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PVIA pump problems being resolved


POTEAU – Pump problems at the water processing plant are being resolved this week, Poteau Valley Improvement Authority board members were told at Tuesday night’s monthly meeting.

Plant Manager James Morrison said he was disappointed with a rebuilt 350-horsepower pump that had been received. Morrison said the pump was installed, but didn’t perform properly when tested.

He said plant employees took the pump out and repaired it themselves, and were planning to test the equipment Wednesday.

PVIA Chairman Mick LaFevers said he and Morrison had been worried that the equipment being used while the pump was down might not be able to meet the system’s demands for water, but seemed to be working so far.

Morrison said a long-boom trackhoe had been rented and was being used on the ponds. He said it eventually would be used in front of the plant’s intake valve on Lake Wister, but he was concerned it might stir up trihalomethane levels in advance of a test scheduled for the chemical later this month. Morrison said he probably would hold off on using the trackhoe until around the testing date.

He said THM levels had been lower recently. PVIA recently approved using chlorine dioxide to help reduce THMs, but Morrison said he wasn’t sure yet if that was the reason for the lower measurements.

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