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Howe Board prepares for upcoming school year

HOWE – Howe School Superintendent Scott Parks reported the school carried over $1,379,000 from last school year heading into the upcoming school year at Monday’s board meeting.

Present were board members Elvis Hall, Kenny Barnhart, Matt Blake, Jerrod Johnson and Dewayne Leatherwood.

Lease purchases for a bus purchase, copier lease and the QZAB lease were all approved along with listed encumbrances for the general fund, payroll and general fund purchase orders.

Superintendent Scott Parks reported the school had received a grant for $200,000. A building is waiting on a survey, and there are new regs and safety procedures related to ball practices.

The Board approved a resignation from Callie Crase. An executive order to discuss staffing needs was on the agenda but was tabled.

Aaron McAlester and Greg Nichols were hired as support staff.

The appointment of the following school district positions for the upcoming school year were approved:

Treasurer, Jordan Thompson; encumbrance clerk, Rachel Krebbs; minutes clerk, Rachel Krebbs; Activity fund custodian Rachel Krebbs; child nutrition fund custodian Christie Bennett; Purchasing agent Scott Parks; Receiving agent Rachel Krebbs; Agent to receive food commodities Paulette Kersh; agent for school lunch program Paulette Kersh; Risk manager for OSHA programs Brooks Cawhorn; agent for all federal programs/funds to include e-rate services Scott Parks; Hearing office for vocational program complains Scott Parks; Hearing officer for federal programs, Title IX and civil right complaints Scott Parks; Approval officer for free and reduced lunch application Christie Bennett; Agent to assure compliance of AHERA program (asbestos compliance) Donna Morris; 504/ADA compliance officer Scott Parks; Authorized representative to submit the public law 874 application Scott Parks; Special education n administrative representative Carla Garrett.

The Board also approved the 2022-2023 OSSBA policy updated and the re-entry program for this school year.

Howard Sims contributed to the report for the Ledger.

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