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Agenda Heavener School Board 6-27-2022

The Heavener School Board will meet in a regular school board meeting 6 p.m. Monday in the Glenn Scott Educational Center at 500 West Second Street.

  1. Opening flag salute.
  2. Invocation.
  3. Call meeting to order and record members present.
  4. Principals’ report: Diane Cox, Grant Ralls.
  5. Superintendent’s report: Ed Wilson.
  6. Consent agenda.
  7. Approve or disapprove contract with OSAG for workers compensation in the amount of $19,674 for 2023.
  8. Approve or disapprove the 4S project contract in the amount of $6,224 for 2023.
  9. Approve or disapprove safe return to school plan for 2023 as a requirement for ESSR III.
  10. Approve or disapprove membership with OSSBA in the amount of $2,730 for 2023.
  11. Approve or disapprove OSSBA policy subscription services in the amount of $1,000 for 2023.
  12. Approve or disapprove comprehensive employment service agreement for unemployment with OSSBA in the amount of $952 for 2023.
  13. Approve or disapprove revisions to high school student handbook for 2023.
  14. Approve or disapprove resignations as received by the superintendent.
  15. Proposed executive session to approve summer coach stipends in the amount of $1,200 as presented by athletic director: 25 OS 307 (B)(1).
  16. Vote to convene in executive session.
  17. Acknowledge boards’ return to open session and president’s statement regarding items discussed in executive session.
  18. Approve or disapprove summer coaches’ stipend in the amount of $1,200.
  19. New business.
  20. Adjourn.


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