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List of candidates for office

The Oklahoma primary election is Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Early voting starts Thursday at the LeFlore County Election Board office in Poteau.

Early voting is Thursday and Friday.

Here are the candidates LeFlore County residents will vote on:

Governor—Democrat: Connie Johnson, Joy Hofmeister. Republican: Moira McCabe, Joel Knitsel, Kevin Stitt, Mark Sherwood.

State auditor and inspector—Republican: Steven W. McQuillen, Cindy Byrd.

Attorney general—Republican: Gentner F. Drummond, John M. O’Connor.

State treasurer—Republican: David B. Hooten, Clark Jolley and Todd Russ.

Superintendent of public instruction—Republican: John Cox, William E. Crozier, April Grace and Ryan Walters.

Commissioner of labor—Republican: Keith Swinton, Sean Roberts and Leslie Kathryn Osborn.

Corporation commissioner—Republican: Harold D. Spradling, Justin Hornback, Todd Thomsen and Kim David.

Congressional officers

United States senator Republican (unexpired term)—Luke Holland, Markwayne Mullin, John F. Tompkins, Scott Pruitt, T.W. Shannon, Adam Holley, Randy J. Grellner, Alex Gray, Paul Royse, Laura Moreno, Nathan Dahm, Jessica Jean Garrison and Michael Coibion.

United States senator –Democrat: Jason Bollinger, Brandon Wade, Madison Horn, Arya Azma, Jo Glenn and Dennis L. Baker.

United States senator—Republican: Jackson Lahmeyer, James Lankford and Joan Farr.

U.S. representative District 02—Republican: John Bennett, Chris Schiller, David Derby, Josh Brecheen, Guy Barker, Pamela Gordon, Wes Nofire, Erick P. Wyatt, Johnny Teehee, Avery Frix, Dustin Roberts, Clint Johnson, Rhonda Hopkins and Marty Quinn.

State representative District 1—Republican: Eddy Dempsey, David Chapman.

State representative District 15—Republican: Angie Brinlee, Randy Randleman.

LeFlore County assessor—Republican: Gaylon E. Freeman, Dennis P. Yochum, Deana Morrison.

LeFlore County commissioner District No. 1—Republican: Jessie Wilsie, Vallard Campbell III, Carroll Rogers.

LeFlore County commissioner District No. 3—Republican: Kevin Wiles, Roy K. Hall Sr., Bucky Pugh, Jamie Oliver.

Town of Bokoshe proposition.

The runoff primary election is Aug. 23. The general election is Nov. 8.

A candidate must collect over 50 percent of the votes to win the primary election. If nobody has over 50 percent, the top two candidates will advance to the runoff primary election.

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