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Faithbridge holding special service

Even though Easter is two weeks away, Faithbridge Church in Heavener is expecting an Easter crowd at worship April 3.

“We are asking all our members to bring at least one friend with them to church on Sunday, April 3,” said Pastor Ricky Huggins, pastor of the church at 109 East Avenue B just behind the public library in Heavener. “If each of our members is successful at that, we’ll have a large attendance similar to Christmas or Easter.”

Those two holidays traditionally attract the church’s largest worshiping congregations. Faithbridge will also offer special services on April 14 and April 15 Huggins said.

Besides the worship service at 10:50 a.m., the special schedule for the day includes a reception and a fellowship meal at noon, tours of the church building and other services currently being offered.

“We want to share what our church has to offer with the people in the community who may not have a faith home,” Huggins said. “In addition to worship, we offer classes in faith development, prayer groups, opportunities for community service and other special programs on a regular basis.”

Huggins noted that more than 90 percent of all Americans say they believe in God, according to Gallup Polls. Recent data shows attendance is rebounding after pandemic lows of only about 30 percent attending church in an average week.

“We want to increase that percentage next Sunday in Heavener here at Faithbridge,” Huggins said. “We believe our guests will feel at home at church each week and it adds a great deal to the quality of their lives. Come and see!”

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