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Manager says PVIA survived winter

By David Seeley

The Poteau Daily News

POTEAU – Poteau Valley Improvement Authority Manager James Morrison told the PVIA board at Tuesday night’s board meeting at the LeFlore County Court House that PVIA survived all the wintry weather in February.

“Instead of one ice storm, we had two,” Morrison said. “We fared well through both of them.”

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Morrison said during the early February winter storm, PVIA paid $5,352 to a Yukon firm to have a back-up generator on stand-by but never had to use it. He said there were no leaks.

Also in his manager’s report, Morrison told the board that construction on the road to Wister Lake could begin as early as Monday and that a soft starter went down on a 350 horsepower pump that the variable hasn’t been hooked up on it yet but will be “just shortly.”

The board approved purchasing a new lake pump. Morrison said the last pump that was purchased last year cost PVIA approximately $75,000, and the pump that needs to be replaced went out, which was around 15 to 20 years old, and could not be repaired due to not being “repairable.”

“We just bought one last year, and now we need to turn around and buy another one to replace this one,” Morrison said.

“We’ve got to have a pump,” PVIA Board Chairman Mick Lafevers said.

“I know we don’t know the cost, and it’s likely going to be more than $75,000,” PVIA Board Member Joe Mode said, “but we really need one now.”

Morrison shared with the board that there will be a new lead and copper rule coming out in October 2024 where the water lines have to be inventoried/listed, even on the homeowners’ side of the water meter and in their houses, to find out who has lead, copper and galvanized pipes.

PVIA Board Secretary Dean Warren read off the PVIA water requestions that had been received — Poteau with $450 million, Panama $33 million, Rural Water District (RWD) No. 1 $58 million, RWD 2 $230 million, RWD 14 $430 million, RWD 15 $55 million, Spiro Waste $150 million, water distributors $324 million and Wister Trust $65 million. Lafevers asked for those in attendance whose district was not mentioned by Warren to get their requisitions in ASAP, and for Morrison to reach out to those districts which had no representative at Tuesday night’s meeting to get their requisitions reported quickly.

“We need this in order to create next year’s budget,” Lafevers said.

Mode told the board where the special committee, formed at last month’s board meeting regarding the amount of using BioXDesign Representative Steve Patterson, stood. He said that right now, PVIA plans on using Patterson only on the completion of compiling data and information regarding the watershed project until it is finished, and that all other duties Patterson had been doing for PVIA will no longer be needed.

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