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Blog for 2-24-2022


We are expected to have one more day of the nasty weather before things start clearing out. The attached picture showed what it looked like from my front porch yesterday.

For the first time since we bought the Ledger in 2014, weather has delayed this week’s Ledger. In the past, we have delivered in all kinds of weather, but never been prevented from going to Stigler to get out newspapers.

Hopefully, we can get our papers and distribute them today. We do apologize, but we didn’t want to travel that distance with the roads in bad shape. You can see this week’s paper on our e-edition at Again, sorry.

Luckily, we have not lost electricity or anything else during the latest ice storm. We have dodged a couple of bullets this year. I remember back in 2020, when we had a bad ice storm and were not so lucky. I lived on the edge of the city limits at the time and could stand on my deck and hear what sounded like gun shots, which were actually branches breaking because of the ice.

So, yes, things could be much worse.

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Spring will be here soon and with it, all the spring activities. To all the coaches or administrators, please email information about your team, such as schedule, roster, etc. to Your help is greatly appreciated.

I hope you have a good day, despite the weather, and remember spring is less than a month away. I saw my first jonquil flowers, aka Narcissus jonquilla, for the scientific name, which is always the first sign that things are changing from the winter to the spring.

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