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Blog for 2-23-2022


The National Weather Service is issuing a doom and gloom forecast for Wednesday and Thursday with snow, sleet, ice, etc. As of 6 a.m. the greater Heavener metro area was still absent of precipitation, but it is expected to change soon.

What happened to global warning, eh?

Just in case, we finished the Ledger yesterday and will send it off to be printed this morning and have the e-edition distributed. In case the weather is bad, we will likely make our home deliveries and some stores this evening. You can subscribe to the Ledger at And get our e-edition much faster than anybody else.

You can also subscribe to the newspaper or our newsletter, which is our best product, much like a daily newspaper on steroids.

It will be strange being caught up on Wednesday as that is usually the day things are hopping here at Ledger world headquarters. Hopefully, I can actually have some time to catch up on a few things.

If you need to go anywhere over the next couple of days be careful. The life you save could be mine.

I have been thinking about switching our newspaper layout from a broadsheet to a tabloid. Our cost would go up a little bit, but would have more color and easier to handle. It would be different. The Ledger switched from a tabloid to a broadsheet, I believe in 1973, so this would be a radical change. But it could spotlight our photos better and be a better look.

If any of you need help marketing your business, or service, please let us know. We can meet anybody’s marketing needs in the weekly newspaper, on our website and other ways, all at a price you can afford.

We typically hear people say they can’t afford to advertise. I say you can’t not advertise. Others say they don’t need more business. I disagree, everybody could use more business. It might be a particular product that isn’t doing as well as expected or anticipated.

I believe your advertising should typically be for a product or service, not just name recognition. While we are glad to help out with those ads, an ad for a particular product or service can be tracked and see how well it does.

If you have any questions or want to pass on information, please call (918) 653-2425, text (918) 649-4712 or email

I hope all of you have a great day today, honestly, and the rest of the week.

If you enjoy this, the Ledger,, or the newsletter, please share with anybody you think might be interested. If you don’t, let me know why, and I will try and fix it and do better next time.

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