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Blog for 2-22-2022


Looks like we have a good shot at getting some more winter weather Wednesday and Thursday so we are trying to get the paper out as soon as possible. Home delivery will happen Wednesday night and papers through the mail or in storms will be as near to the normal time as we can make it.

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I got woke up around midnight last night with my phone going off about a tornado warning and urging us to get to a place of safety. Trish the Wife pretty much slept through it. Being the caring person I try to be, I checked it out and saw that yes, there was a tornado warning for far southern LeFlore County in the Big Cedar region, and it looked like we were in the clear, even though the storm sirens were also going off.

Those storms need to happen in the spring, not the winter. We have enough to worry about with the cold, ice, snow, sleet, etc.

With the courthouse and many businesses closed yesterday, we are trying to play catch up and also get the paper out this evening if possible, and hopefully get the paper back before the heavy stuff comes in.

It seems strange without sports happening early this week as the regionals and area tournaments are later in the week. But I better enjoy it because baseball and slow pitch softball are approaching.

Plus track, golf, etc.

Incidentally, for those of you who checked out are blast from the past this morning, I am the quarterback. I know Clinton Phipps is the running back behind me while Randy Tate was the center, Eddie Freeman the right guard and Joe Stacy the right tackle. The picture was from 1978. This was one of the better Heavener teams that did not make the playoffs. Back in those days, there were only four teams in a district and the top two went to the playoffs. Our district was tough back then with Wilburton and Hartshorne also included.

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My aunt, Ronda Hall, recently passed away. She was married to Joe Hall, a former Heavener graduate. I didn’t know her all that well because they lived in Shawnee, but she always seemed so kind and will be missed. We spent a lot of time with Joe at his cabin south of Hodgen while growing up and we were fortunate he was our uncle.

I hope all of you have a great day today and the rest of the week.

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