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Davis to step down as park director

After more than 15 years, Tim Davis is stepping down as park director and president of the little leagues for the City of Heavener. During his tenure, he has overseen ballpark operations, which has taken on a totally new look.

Many improvements took place, such as adding covered bleachers, batting cages, pavilions, sidewalks and playground equipment.

One of the first things he changed was transforming one of the four fields into a baseball field for the little leagues to play competitive baseball. He has also overseen Wolf Pup football and he started the Wolf Pup basketball league in 2007.

Daivis said the thing he will miss most are the people.

“I have met so many good people through the years and got to form friendships that will last forever,” he said. “Lots of memories from coaching my sons to hosting the OK Kids coach pitch regional tournament for the past 12 years.”

Davis now plans to enjoy watching his grandchildren play little league. He will assist this season in the transition of his replacement, when announced.

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