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The blog for 2-13-2022


I have thought recently about writing a farmer’s almanac. The worst thing that can happen is you would be wrong on a certain day and you have a 50/50 shot at getting it right and looking far smarter than one deserves.

Plus, I think most people buy them, look them over and put them aside. The thing preventing this is first of all, I don’t have enough time, along with the fact Oklahoma’s weather is psycho.

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So, I will probably let this opportunity go by the wayside. It’s going to be a little warmer today and hopefully it will be nice enough to actually go outside. It’s been a long time since I have spent much time in the great outdoors.

But I also want to watch the Super Bowl, not because I like either team, it’s just a tradition. I have watched a little bit of every Super Bowl going back to the 1960s and don’t want to snap that streak.

The OSSAA has announced ticket prices for the upcoming basketball games. If you pay at the door, it is $10 per person. That seems a little steep. For a family, that could add up to some big bucks. Heavener, Howe, Pocola and Poteau are hosting districts this weekend.

The district assignments seem a little strange. Checotah comes to Heavener. Think about how many Class 3A schools Checotah passes on the way to Heavener. Tecumseh goes to Poteau in Class 4A. That is also a pretty good trip. I know this is done because of win-loss records, but Heavener and Spiro would seem to be a better choice. Shorter drive, larger crowd, etc. Instead, Spiro goes to Morris, which is also a pretty good haul.

Ever since the LeFlore County Tournament in January, I have once again been thinking about how nice it would be if Poteau had a gymnasium that could hold a crowd big enough for the playoff games. No offense to Talihina, but a neutral site in Poteau just makes more sense. A large facility could host the LCT, tournaments and post-season tournaments. It would bring lots of people to town to watch the games, eat, drink, get gas, hopefully not from eating. It would just bring in a lot of revenue.

The only downside is the facility would not be used constantly. I wish the Choctaw Nation would put out a facility by the fairgrounds, kind of like the one at McAlester. I am not holding my breath, however, lots of people get fired up every time the tournament is held at Fort Smith or out of the county, but nothing is done about it. The best deal would be if Carl Albert State College still had a facility that could host the games.

It would bring a lot of people to the college and be a great recruiting tool. Instead of basketball, the college is all into wrestling, which is the school’s right, but wrestling is not as popular as basketball. I wish CASC would bring back basketball and recruit local kids. The win-loss records would not be great, but the crowds would be fairly large and give some kids an opportunity to play college basketball, that don’t any other way.

But that is just my opinion, for what it is worth. Thank you for the visit today. If you like this or our website, please share with others. If you don’t care for it, email what you don’t like and I will try to fix it. We will hopefully be back again tomorrow and try to do better.

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