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The blog for 2-12-2022


Spent a while yesterday talking with some representatives of Modulist, which will allow the Ledger to accept obituaries and life style announcements on a link which will soon be on It will be easy to use and hopefully we will get more announcements like marriage announcements, baby announcements, job hiring and promotion and much more.

Again, it is in the works but should debut pretty soon.

Today is a big day. The Ledgers’ Wolf Pup basketball team has two games today at 10:45 a.m. and 12:15 p.m. We are currently 2-0 and hopefully will be 4-0 after today. We are fortunate to have some really good kids. League playoffs are next week, which ends the season.

This has been a difficult season. Last year, we just whizzed through the schedule. This year we have had games postponed due to weather, COVID-19 and one team didn’t have enough players to play.

But it has been fun and the kids have gotten better, which are the main things we are after.

My sleep schedule has been really messed up lately. I don’t have any problem going to sleep, but I guess it is too early because I wake up way too early, like 3:30ish this morning. It does allow me plenty of time to get work done, but I will have to catch a nap sometime or I will be a walking zombie.

We thank all of you for your support. Hopefully, since we started posting all our content online at, the number of readers has increased considerably. Eventually, I hope it is strong enough all the businesses and the service notice this and advertise online.

As we have done for many years, we are preparing for a total digital experience. We will continue to print as long as the readers want it. I have figured out a long time ago, we have two distinct readers. The first kind are the ones who like to read a true newspaper. The second are the ones who prefer the digital editions. Then, there are also those who are mixed and utilize both means.

Most of the newspaper fans are a little older while the younger ones prefer reading on their phones, tablets or computers. We have to provide and put out a good product for them both. If you do like us, please support the Ledger by subscribing either through the newspaper, the e-edition or our newsletter, or all of them.

These are the number of visitors to over the last week. They are not bad, but hopefully will be doubled soon. A couple of days were really slow due to weather and there typically isn’t much going on Wednesday, so the numbers are down for those days.

We need more funds to add staff and your support is very important. Also, please share any stories you find interesting with your friends or on social media. Word of mouth is always the best advertising and your recommendations mean a lot.

Thanks for visiting today. Again, if you like this, please share. If you are not fond of it, let me know why and I will try to make it better next time and as always, I will try hard to do better next time.

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