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The blog of 2-9-2022


Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read my rumblings.

A lot of today’s blog will also be in the Little Ledger column in your weekly Heavener Ledger.

In case you haven’t noticed, and we hope you do, we are making all the content available on, instead of putting it behind a paywall or just having it on our newsletter.

There are many ideas on the best way to do this. I am operating on our experience as we have tried many things. We had done a paywall, placed the story on our newsletter or held it for the paper.

I have not been satisfied with the results. Very few people have subscribed to access the story on or our newsletter. The number of visitors has also gone down.

The number of papers we sell is around the same also. So, we are plowing forward with the stories for free on the website. This might decrease the number of people who subscribe or buy a paper in the store, but it will bring a ton more people to the website and expose them to our advertisers.

We are about to start a big bush for advertisers, offering a combination of our newspaper and our website. You can also sponsor our newsletter, a certain section, or even a combination such as all the news stories online.

The online advertisement is linked to your website, if you happen to have one. We are determined to continue to make the Ledger and better. Your support keeps us in business and if we get enough subscribers, we can hopefully add more bodies to make us even better.

As always, and I say this in our almost every day podcast, if you like a story, the Ledger or the website, please share with others and encourage them to subscribe. If you do not care for it, let us know why and we will try to make it better.

We are working on a new project which I hope people enjoy. As soon as it is up and running, our readers or businesses, can submit obituaries, life events such as marriages, babies or anniversaries, plus, if a business promotes hires or gives a promotion to an employee, they can submit all of that. There is a small fee, but it will be good for everybody involved. And that to me is a win-win situation, and whatever else can we ask for?

In other subjects, at the first of the year, I was placed on insulin to lower my blood sugar after my latest A1C was not good. Since then, I have not had an appetite. I can still eat, and obviously do, as most people can tell. I decided to check it out last night and found out according to the world wide web, which, of course, is never wrong, I should be gaining weight.

I have told Trish the Wife I want to get down to 175 pounds, which would mean a loss of 15 more pounds. But she thinks I am thin enough already, thank you. But I just think I would feel better and have more energy at that weight. The only thing I would not enjoy would be people asking me if I was sick due to the loss of weight, and yes, they would ask.

That is enough of my scribbling for today. If you have any thoughts, or suggestions, please let me know. If there is a birthday coming up, also let me know and we will TRY to wish them or you a happy birthday. It all depends on time, of course.

Please help us by subscribing to either the Ledger, our e-edition or the newsletter, which is like reading an old newspaper on steroids.

Again, thank you for checking this our and come back often. You can subscribe online HERE, or use the form in the newspaper. If you do encourage somebody to subscribe and we are told about it, you get a free month added to your subscription. Do it enough, and the Ledger, or e-edition, could be free. I cannot state with 100 percent accuracy, maybe 99.9 percent that free beats everything.

Have a great day and please come back again. We will try to do better next time.

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