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Howe Trustees table renovations to Civic Center

HOWE – The Howe Board of Trustees met in a regular business meeting Monday in the Howe City Hall.

All five members were present.

Under reports, the Fire Department answered one medical call, and the police department handled 28 total calls, which included four for the city, one county and two accidents.

The maintenance department repaired several potholes, did maintenance on two vehicles and installed two new tinhorns.

Renovations to the Paul Richardson Civic Center were tabled as the trustees are waiting on a third estimate.

Ordinance for ATV’s/off-road vehicles was discussed on dos and don’t for the public.

The trustees approved purchasing a GeoSafe program for the police department. They also approved purchasing three loads of SB2 material from Curtis Paul Faulkenberry for the city streets at $290 per load.

Estimate of needs for 2018-2019 were approved, reported by CPA Beth Peck. In addition, an updated bon sheet for the police department was approved, along with purchasing new radios for the Fire Department using a Forest Grant for $4,763.09 was approved.

Kimberly Ritter Hill was given approval to be added to the signature card at First National Bank.

Ordinance 2022-2 and Resolution 2022-1 were both approved along with Resolution 2022-2, which adopted Title 21 crimes and punishment, and title 37 on intoxicating liquor Title 47 for motor vehicles and Title 63 Pubic Health and Safety.

Under new business, the trusteed discussed a property that needs to be cleaned up. Both the bank and owners deny responsibility.

Howard Sims contributed to the report.

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