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Commissioners approve Sanctuary County status


POTEAU – County commissioners approved a resolution Monday declaring LeFlore County a Second Amendment Sanctuary County.

The resolution says the county and its officers will reject and not enforce any federal acts or regulations that infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms. Such acts might include unfair taxes on guns or accessories, unusual registering or tracking of firearms, accessories or gun owners, and any act confiscating firearms.

A group of residents had presented the proposal to the board last week.

In other business, commissioners approved the sale of a surplus truck from the Assessor’s Office to Riverside Auto.

They also approved a project to gravel Tucker Road.

Also approved were maximum highway expenditures for the month and the treasurer’s monthly report of officers.

Prior to the commissioners’ meeting, the county Budget Board met and approved an audit report from Robert St. Pierre, which found no compliance issues that required reporting.

Board Chairman Craig Olive said the sidewalk in front of the 911 center had been replaced.

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