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The blog of 2-7-2022


Boy, I feel even more like an idjit than typical. I had thought all week the Super Bowl was Sunday, and even though I don’t follow the NFL like I used to, I had planned to watch it.

So I turned on the old television and started searching the guide and there was no Super Bowl listed. Then, I Googled it. Previously, the Super Bowl was always two weeks after the championship games. But apparently the game was moved back a week this year as the game isn’t held until the upcoming Sunday.

I read a funny one the other day. Supposedly, the NFL was concerned because this will be the second straight Super Bowl which will be played at a teams’ home stadium. To make sure this never happens again, they plan to hold it at the Dallas Cowboys’ home stadium. Get it? I chuckled.

But it does give me something else to look forward to for Sunday.

We are kind of getting back to normal today with the usual meetings being held and several funeral or memorial services planned.

I was checking out some videos on YouTube yesterday morning from Editor and Publisher magazine and got some interesting ideas. One website they showed had around 100 ads posted on the front page. It was ugly, but no advertiser could ever think they were getting ripped off.

While we are not going to publish some stories and post them on our newsletter or in the paper, listening to their reasoning convinced me that I need to make stories that are available to everybody free and online to increase traffic and make the web site more attractive to advertisers.

There are a few things good about this. First, the ads are extremely affordable. We are going to offer strictly rotating border ads along with a 2×2 ad in the newspaper for $100. We can offer a banner ad on and a sponsorship of the weather, blast from the past or county calendar for $150 a month.

For those who want the best exposure, you can sponsor all of our news or sports stories, have a banner ad on the website and the 2×2 ad in our weekly newspaper for $200 a month. All three of these plans are a great way to feature your business or service and give it more exposure.

If you are interested, email or call (918) 653-2425.  If you could, please share that with anybody you think might be interested. Also, when you see stories that you find interesting, please share those also, either on social media or use the link to send to friends.

We are always looking for new and better ideas, so if you come up with one, hit me up at the email listed above. Thank you for checking us out today and we will try to do better tomorrow.

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