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The blog of 2-5-2022


Here is the blog for Feb. 5, 2022 exclusively for you fine Heavener readers.

While the clouds and snow/ice are vacating the area, it will be replaced by cold temperatures, especially in the nighttime hours.

The pictures attached to this fine blog is of the sun reflecting in some of the ice hanging off a tree in my front yard yesterday.

By the way, I looked over the sleds at yesterday. The old-fashioned kind can still be bought, but there are a bunch of plastic sleds and discs available. So we might have to get one for the next ice event.

The OSSAA released district tournaments for the larger schools on Friday. The tournaments are held Feb. 19-20 so we are definitely on the downhill side of this year’s basketball season.

Things have been so slow these last few days, it almost feels like it did when coronavirus shut everything down a couple of years ago. Things should get back to normal Monday and there does not appear to be another storm system moving in for the next 10 days. It was nice to get the moisture, although it will probably help start the dreaded mowing season earlier.

Baseball and the other spring sports will start in less than a month. People have asked me in the past which season I like the best. My answer is usually whichever sport is in season. The good thing about the spring sports are they are usually over much earlier than the basketball games, so that does help. Although there are a lot more events happening, and happening most days.

Cabin fever is moving into the Hall household. I would like to get out and do something, although Trish the Wife and Khloe the granddaughter are perfectly happy to stay home. That is probably the wise move as the roads, they could be dangerous out there.

I used to watch college basketball all the time. But since I see so many high school games, I really don’t get into the colleges as much.

The Super Bowl, whichever number it is, is tomorrow. I will watch it, or at least some of it, but don’t really care who wins. I can remember watching at least a portion of the Super Bowl back through the 1960s. I used to like the Cowboys, but find that now, I do not have a certain team to follow, just like in MLB, where I used to like the Cincinnati Reds, until free agency ruined things.

Kind of like the NIL is doing for college sports. I agree the players should be able to transfer, but they need to go back to having to sit out a season.

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Thanks again, stay warm and have a great day.

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