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The blog 2-4-2022


Here is the blog for Feb. 4, 2022 exclusively for you fine Heavener readers. We have toyed with putting out a blog in the past, but did not have enough time to do one. I can’t promise we will do one every day, but hope to do so.

As you probably know, we have some extra time this cold Friday morning as the combo snow and ice storm has pretty much shut everything down. The roads are in bad shape and many businesses are shut down, or closing early.

The photograph is one of downtown Heavener from early Thursday morning, looking like it has just been hit with an overnight snow/ice storm.

Days like yesterday made me think of how it was when we were kids. Yes, it seems like there were more snow days back then, but we always made full use of those days, dressing as warmly as possible and heading out for excitement.

Sledding was a big deal back then. We would gather around one of these hills and past the day sledding down the hill and walking back up it. I guess kids still do it, but I didn’t see anybody yesterday.

We had a sled back then, but it has gone missing in the last 40 someodd years. I always think about getting one to be prepared for the granddaughter Khloe, but then forget. It would get her out of the house and her phone, so that would be a big plus.

The only negative is I would be along with her probably, and I can’t seem to get warm enough to be comfortable, I guess it’s from the blood thinner medicine, or maybe my age, but I deal with the heat a lot better than the cold now.

The winter storm warning is over this morning, but it does not look like it’s going to feel like it did last week. The sun will hopefully melt some of the roads, but it the roads are likely to get bad again due to the frigid temperatures tonight.

Despite the harsh conditions, we did get out Heavener Ledger out to most of our locations thanks to our fine crew of Karen and Keith. We rushed to get the paper out and printed and then gathered together to make sure the papers were sent out.

Khloe the granddaughter and I delivered the in-town newspapers around Heavener Wednesday night, in a steady sleet. It was a new experience and not really one I wanted to repeat. Fortunately, the roads were still in good shape so I made it around without any problems.

We mailed the papers out and put them in most of the stores. There are a couple of locations I need to go today, after the sun comes up.

For our subscribers, thank you. If you would like to subscribe to the Ledger, click this link and it will give you all the info you need and allow you to subscribe, from either a year or a month. If you prefer to subscribe over the phone, call (918) 653-2425. Since our advertising has slacked off, we need all the subscribers we can get. When you subscribe, you are supporting a locally owned and operated business, right here in LeFlore County, not some out-of-state corporation, which takes your money and it goes way away.

In case you haven’t noticed, we are putting our time on news and events primarily in LeFlore County, or things in Oklahoma that affect our readers. We have stopped publishing national and international news, sports and more. I believe most people are looking to us to find out what is happening locally and not other places.

We will still continue the podcast, of course, when we can, but thought this would be also touch base with out readers.

If you can, please share this, our website, or out newspaper with others and please encourage them to subscribe. Hopefully, we get another reader, and if the new subscriber mentions your name, you will get a month added to your newspaper or the e-edition.

If you have any brilliant ideas or suggestions, email me at or call us (918) 653-2425.

Thanks again, stay warm and have a great day.

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