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The daily blog 5-26-2021

Good morning and we would like to welcome you, our fans (tee hee) and foes (as if) to the daily blog for May 26.

This is the 146th day of 2021 and there are 219 days left in the year.

My plans to take and post a picture every day kinda went sideways as I got too busy and failed to take one. Thankfully, my bud Howard Sims stepped up and took the image you see above.

Also, please notice Howard’s water gauge shows almost four inches, which I believe to be a heck of a lot more accurate than the .80 inches of rain reported. You can also see our weather info right HERE! According to the internet, which we know is never wrong, it is supposed to get up to 85 degrees today, which would be the second highest temperature of 2021.

I had somebody ask how I was able to get temperatures, etc., from a year ago. Simple. I started a notebook last year and I keep adding to it every day. Yes, that is kind of nerdish, but I like to compare how the temperatures are now compared to last year.

This will be an early edition of the blog as I have to take Trish the Wife to Talihina for a MRI and we are leaving at 6. Thus, I got my shapely hiney out of bed at 4 a.m. just to make sure we could meet your news fix this morning. Remember that when you decide to subscribe or renew your subscription. The Craigman goes the extra mile for our readers!

On, we published the second story Ray Gaskins was kind enough to submit about Heavener football in the glory days. You can read it here and it is really good.

We posted a story by the Choctaw Nation on their upcoming elections for council officer. In our area, candidates are Jess Henry and Jennifer Roberts. Heavener is dissected down the highway. The west side goes to the winner of this election while Eddie Bohannan reps the east side.

We are big supporters of the Choctaw Nation, even though they fail to advertise with the Ledger 🙁 and have for over a year because Trish the Wife is a registered cardholder, but also because of how they support the communities in this 10 ½ counties. Now, if we could just get some advertising revenue for our fine publication, which is co-owned by a member of the Nation :).

On today’s events, funeral service for Lawrence McHenry is at 10 a.m. at the Heavener First Baptist Church with burial to follow at noon in the U.S. National Cemetery in Fort Smith. He was born March 4, 1940 and passed away May 23, 2021 in Fort Smith.

Also, the Poteau Rotary Club meets at noon at Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center.

Funeral services for Louise Pierce, 93, of Poteau are 11 a.m. Thursday at the Oakland Cemetery Pavilion in Poteau with Phil McGehee officiating. She passed away Tuesday and was born Dec. 3, 1927 in Prairie Grove, Arkansas.

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