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The daily blog 5-23-2021

And a good morning and welcome to my daily blog for May 23. This is the 143rd day of 2021. There are 222 days left in the year.

My apologies as this is a slow news day and weekend. But I vow to try and do better for tomorrow. Really.

It is starting to warm up, as it should for this time of the year. But temperatures will go back to below normal with more rain likely this week! The early forecast for Memorial Day, which is a week from tomorrow (duh!) is a high of only 80 degrees.

Wow. It seems like it’s always a lot warmer than that. But, it is what it is, whatever the heck that means.

Trish the Wife is on her last work week before retiring from Poteau Public Schools. Congratulate her if you see her and pray for me as she believes I exist to do stuff for her. Which, in some ways I do.

Other than church, not any events for today (see the second paragraph above).

We do actually have some things going on this week, but this is the typical slow time of the year so hopefully we can get rested up and ready when things get hopping again. Actually, I usually just shift my bust times to outside, but it is too wet to mow today and everything else is up to snuff.

We all know our readers are much smarter than the average people. I have been putting a lot of effort into increasing our subscriber base since the advertising has been down due to this so-called pandemic thing.

We need and want 1,000 subscribers to our newsletter, which only costs $5 per month, or for our e-edition, which is only $3 per month. Newspaper subscriptions are still welcome, but for our long-term survival, we need as much digital income as possible.

So I ask you intelligent readers to please share any ideas or suggestions on how we can grow these subscribers. If you would be so kind and share this with friends, family members, etc., and ask for them to support us, that would be greatly appreciated. But ideas are welcome, also.

Thanks as always for reading and comments, ideas, suggestions or recipes. May the force be with you.

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