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Lost and found


It seems that almost every day we hear of at least one missing person. That has to be so stressful for the families and loved ones involved.  And it’s probably even more so for the person who is missing.

Maybe my ability to relate to other people in such situations comes, in part, from the fact that I am directionally challenged and my mind tends to wander at the most inconvenient times. My husband usually has a very good sense of direction, except when he doesn’t. I recall a time when we were on vacation and trying to get to a certain location in colonial Williamsburg, Virgina.    There were many signs pointing out where we should go, but they didn’t help us. We were both being very careful to pay attention to where we were going, yet we continued to pass William and Mary College over and over again. We finally just gave up and staggered our way back to the main highway, thankful to escape the confusing puzzle.  We were about as lost as we had ever been up to that point.

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