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The daily blog 5-20-2021


We are bringing back our daily blog, not necessarily by public demand.

It’s more along the lines of having time to do it now. After last Thursday when all the county athletics ended for the year and most of the schools shut down for the summer, it was like a switch was flicked.

Suddenly, I had some free time. It wasn’t like it had been pretty much since last August when there was always something that needed done, or was screaming for my attention.

I was able to take a deep breath and realize that I had made it through another school year.

I don’t know that I have ever looked forward to a summer more. Maybe it’s because we had such a big break last year due to the pandemic, or It might be because I am a year older, but this year was tougher than any previous year.

But now, it’s semi-break time.

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The Heavener Utilities Authority and City Council will meet at 6 p.m. Thursday and we will livestream the event since there isn’t an executive session.

Andy Perdue, a 1983 Heavener grad, and Poteau baseball coach, announced his retirement earlier in the week. He still has one duty, however.

Also, every day we try and post a picture on Today’s picture can be seen HERE.

Carl Albert State College hired a new competitive cheer coach primarily for their new wrestling program. I still wish CASC would re-start the basketball programs and recruit local kids. That would make sure there were good crowds and the record, at least for the men, can’t be any worse than it was before the program ended. I know there is some excitement about the wrestling program, but I feel like basketball would really make a difference.

More rain and thunderstorms are expected for Thursday. The rain will go away soon and the temperatures will start climbing up towards hot.

In addition to tonight’s meeting, the Poteau Kiwanis Club meets at noon in the Western Sizzlin and the Heavener VFW bingo is at 6 p.m. at the VFW hut on the north end of Heavener.

That will do it for today. Again, thanks for reading and supporting us.

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