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Come dream with me


Do you dream? Or do you remember what you dreamed?

The Bible mentions dreams many times.  It tells us we dream when we’re too busy.  Sometimes dreams serve as warnings.  Joseph’s ability to interpret dreams played a major role in his life.  I’ve heard it said that if we didn’t dream, we’d lose our minds, as dreams are a way of helping us sort out the day’s happenings.  If that’s true, my mind should be in great shape.  If I’m asleep, I’m dreaming.

The few dreams I remember that seemed to have any meaning at all were the opposite of what happened shortly afterwards.  For example, many years ago I dreamed that my dad and a friend of his were riding in a small red convertible when it flipped over and landed upside down in water with them pinned underneath.  I saw it happen and jumped in to rescue them.  The car lifted easily, but when I went to pull them out, they had both become babies, which made my job much easier.  I just pulled each one of them out and laid them up on the bank, where they immediately started crying.  I took that to mean they were okay.

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