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LeFlore County commissioners’ agenda 4-19-2021


POTEAU – The LeFlore County commissioners will meet in a regular business meeting Monday at 9 a.m. in the office of the board of county commissioners.

Here is the agenda:

  1. Call to order.
  2. Minutes of previous meeting.
  3. Purchase orders/payrolls.
  4. Bonds.
  5. Monthly fee reports.
  6. Transfer of appropriations.
  7. Blanket purchase orders.
  8. Old business
  9. Current bridge and road projects.
  10. Contract labor/service agreements.
  11. Burn ban.
  12. Old/New business and/or pay estimates for Conser Road projects.
  13. Certificates of subdivision code compliance for OMMA businesses.
  14. Consider and possibly approve Oklahoma Transportation request to purchase right of way for project No. 24213(05), STP 140C (149) RW, Parcels #64 and 65.
  15. Consider and possibly approve detention services contract between Tulsa and LeFlore Counties for juvenile detention services.
  16. Tabled. Discuss and possibly award bid regarding sale of 1991 Beck truck benefitting Monroe VFD.
  17. Discuss with possible action tort claim as presented by Clark & Mitchell, PC on behalf of Jeffrey Roberts.
  18. Discuss and possibly approve district #2 Odgen Mill Road CBRI project #21CBRI-D2-RD-PO54(105).
  19. Meet with Dixie Digital sales representative for discussion regarding copier supplies and contracts.
  20. Consider and possibly approve certificate of liability and workers compensation insurance for Meshek & Associates, LLC.
  21. Discuss and possibly approve agreement between LeFlore County assessor and Professional Mass Appraisal Services to conduct property evaluations.
  22. Discuss and possibly approve agreement between LeFlore County and Oklahoma Department of Transportation regarding inmate public works project.
  23. Consider and possibly approve treasurer’s monthly report of officers for March, 2021.
  24. Meet with representatives from Wister Lake/Frisco Trail Association for discussion with possible action regarding activity on the Frisco Trail.
  25. Vote to enter into executive session for confidential communications between the board of county commissioners and its attorney identified as Richard Tacket v. LeFlore County, state of Oklahoma.
  26. Vote to exit executive session and return to regular meeting and possibly vote regarding above referenced case.
  27. Discussion with possible action necessary as result of the executive session.
  28. Public comments.
  29. Adjourn.

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