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Heavener Council agenda 4-1-2021

City hall

The Heavener City Council will meet in a regular business meeting Thursday at 6 p.m. in City Hall at 103 East Avenue B.

Here is the agenda:

CALL TO ORDER – Chairman





  1. Approval of minutes from previous meeting.
  1. Approval of purchase orders presented for payment.
  1. Consider, discuss, and take action on Ord. # 758-21 concerning medical marijuana and dispensaries.
  1. City Commission votes to enter into executive session (requires majority vote of quorum of the members present to enter).
  1. Enter executive session with city manager and attorney for confidential communications, as authorized by 25 O.S. Sect. 307 (B) concerning:

    A. Promoting Officer Chase Blake to full time at the rate of $13 hour

  1. Reconvene in open meeting.
  1. Consider, discuss and take action on promoting Officer Chase Blake to full time at the rate of $13.00-hour, effective April 02, 2021.
  1. New Business / Public Comments (the public will be recognized by the Mayor from a sign-in sheet, where each citizen wishing to address the city commission, shall sign their name and the request or purpose for being recognized).
  1. Department heads’ reports
  1. Treasurer’s report
  1. City manager’s report
  1. Trustees’/chairman’s report
  1. Adjourn

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