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Commissioners’ agenda 3-15-2021


POTEAU – The LeFlore County commissioners will meet in a regular business meeting Monday at 9 a.m. in the office of the board of county commissioners.



  1. * Call to Order.
  2. * Minutes &/or Special Business Meeting Minutes of previous   meeting(s).
  3. * Purchase Orders.
  4. *
  5. * Monthly Fee Reports.
  6. * Transfer of Appropriations.
  7. * Blanket Purchase Orders.
  8. * Old Business.
  9. * Current Bridge and Road Projects D#2 CIRB-140D(161)RB, JOB 25097(04) Brazil Creek S. of SH 31.
  1. * Contract Labor/ Service Agreement(s):


  1. * Burn Ban.
  2. * Old/New Business and/or Pay Estimates(s) for Conser Road Project(s).
  3. * Certificates(s) of Compliance for OMMA Businesses.
  4. Consider and possibly approve the addition of Sharon Steele and Kayla Reese as requisitioning officers and Kathy Johnson and Nikki Kester as receiving officers to benefit all county Election Board accounts.
  5. Consider and possibly approve Declaration of Surplus regarding inventory item no. MON-301.001, 1991 Beck truck with 1500 gallon pump.
  6. Consider and possibly approve Resolution and Bid Notice for sale of county property item no. MON-301.001 to benefit the Monroe Fire Department.
  7. Discuss and possibly approve resolution to gate top potion of Cavanal during inclement weather or emergency situations for public safety.
  8. Consider and possibly approve programming resolution regarding project number 21CBRI-D3-RD-PO73(105), LeFlore County, Welch Loop.
  9. Tabled from previous meeting: Discuss with possible action placing various signs, advertisements and promotional items on the courthouse lawn.
  10. Meet with Meshek & Associates to discuss establishing a county hazard mitigation plan.
  11. Public Comments.
  12. Adjourn

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