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The morning blog 2-21-2021




And a good morning to all our fine readers.

I talked Khloe the granddaughter into going exploring yesterday. I wanted to go up to the Runestone and take pictures of the icicles, which I expected to be huge, and they were.

She finally gave in and allowed YouTube to have a break. Our first obstacle was the gate right before you start making the first curve was locked.

We decided to walk. It was a little cool and the wind was not friendly, but Khloe soon gave up her jacket and was in t-shirt fashion. We made it up the hill with only a couple of stops. Then, it came time to venture down to the valley.

Plenty of snow and ice, making the walk a dangerous one. But thanks to my father’s old walking stick and a slow pace, we made it down to the Runestone. You will see one of the pictures above. I have never seen the water fall frozen, but I have never heard of Wister Lake being frozen either.

We made our way back to the top and walked down the hill to the craigmobile. No falls!

Khloe even enjoyed the trip, aside from winding up with wet feet since her boots were not waterproof.

Okay, back to the stories. Today is Sunday, Feb. 21, 2021. This is the 52nd day of 2021. There are 313 days until 2022 makes its appearance.

LeFlore County only had 11 new coronavirus cases in Saturday’s report. Active cases have dropped to 135 from over 300 a few weeks ago. With the warmer weather coming on and the vaccines, hopefully the virus will take a hike.

It took some time, okay, a lot of time, but I hopefully found all the scores and schedules for our county Class A and B teams in regional play. If anything is wrong, please text me at (918) 649-4712 or email and I will get it fixed. I was doing this at around 5 this morning, so the chance for errors was good.

The temperatures continue to climb. Golf clap, please. We are forecast to have a high of 50 and low of 30 on Sunday.

Our thoughts go out to the families of Jimmy Christman, Charles Beshers and Jay Johnson.

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