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The morning blog 2-19-2021


Good morning, here is today’s morning blog.

The temperature was supposed to get above freezing Thursday for the first time since Feb. 8.

It didn’t. According to, our high was 32. Hopefully, that streak will be snapped Friday as the high is expected to hit 36. Temperatures are the rise with highs getting into the 40s Saturday.

New coronavirus cases are still down with only 15 new cases in Thursday’s report. I heard somebody speculate the reason the cases are down is because pretty much everybody is staying home due to the weather, which would reduce the spread of the virus.

Sounds good to me.

It is time to get back to normal. There are baseball and softball games scheduled within a week or so.

While I am looking forward to outdoor sports, it isn’t fun going to watch outdoor sports when the temperatures are in the 40s.

The Ledger staff did put out our weekly newspaper this week. It was far from a normal week. But still, we got the paper together, printed and distributed Thursday thanks to our staff of Karen Toney, Keith Foster and Bryleigh Schiffner.

I did the Heavener route and was good, except for one home delivery on West G. That is a sloping hill and I got stuck after stopping. I had to back up a little way into a clean driveway, then turned around. I also couldn’t get to another house, so I parked and walked about a block to make the delivery.

We’re kind of like the Postal Service. Neither rain, snow, heat, etc. keeps us from delivering newspapers.

If you see a school teacher or administrator, thank them for what they have done to educate the children this year. You see all the teachers in other places refusing to go back to school while our teachers, administrators and staff have been back in school since August.

There have been some virtual days, but our educators are doing the right thing. Remember that.

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