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December students of the month Poteau 8th and 7th

Mackenzie Thompson

POTEAU – Poteau eighth and seventh grade students of the month for December.

Eighth grade

Mackenzie ThompsonName: Mackenzie Thompson

Parents: Amber Parker, Dustin Thompson

Electives: Basketball, weightlifting, FACS

She likes school because: I get to see friends and do work and get ready for the future.

Logan Randolph

Name: Logan Randolph

Parents: Robert Randolph, Leah Culwell

Electives: Wrestling, ag and weightlifting.

He likes school because: I get to have fun with friends and get a free education.

Seventh grade

Shelby Reece

Name: Shelby Reece

Parents: Patti Reece, Brandon Reece

Electives: Leadership, FACS, Tech Ed, computers, art, current events.

She likes school because: I’m with my friends.

Samuel Garrett

Name: Samuel Garrett

Parents: Callie and William Wise

Electives: Leadership, careers and wrestling.

He likes school because: I get to be with my friends for most of the day.

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